£58 For A 58

“£58 For A 58” Sponsorship Appeal

Back in 2008, the C58LG launched this fund raising scheme to help raise funds for the one-day purchase of a Class 58 locomotive. Now that we have achieved this, the need for income still remains in order for us to restore, run and maintain our locomotive, 58016 – it’s an expensive business to be in!


As a result we are re-launching this sponsorship scheme whereby members and non-members of the C58LG are able to “sponsor” individual parts of a locomotive.


Everything on a Class 58 – from the main engine block to the power handles to the nuts and bolts that hold the whole thing together, have been accounted for and all on-thousand items have been allocated a hypothetical cost of £58 (or a multiple thereof for larger items).


For each item you sponsor, you will receive a personalised certificate confirming your involvement with the scheme.


If we are successful in getting all the components sponsored, we will be able to raise £58,000 which is a great amount of money and keep us in a great position to be able to continue the upkeep of 58015.


Obviously we expect some items, such as the power handles, to be the most popular items for sponsorship for we ask sponsors to identify a number of items in order of preference they wish to sponsor.


A table of items is provided and we will make constant updates to the table in future issues of our in-house magazine “Red Diamond” and we will also make the table available on our website www.c58lg.co.uk so everyone can keep track of which items are still available. We would like to make it clear that this sponsorship is purely a fundraising event and that you will not physically own the items.


Finally, please be rest assured that the C58LG committee, in line with our Constitution, will look at buying only the best available parts and spares that become available to continue the high quality restoration that is being undertaken on 58016.


If you have any questions or queries relating to this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the Class 58 Locomotive Group committee, either by post or by email.


Thank you for your support.


Item Availability 


(1 sponsorship)



Engine block £58 36  
Crankshaft   12  
Turbocharger   4 *1 SOLD* *3 REMAIN*
Fuel tank   3 *ALL SOLD*
Main alternator   4  
Auxilliary alternator   2  
Rectifiers   2  
Brake stand   1  
Hydrostatic pump   1  
Set of radiators   1  
Fuel transfer pump   1 *SOLD*
Engine governor   3  
Engine overspeed trip   1 *SOLD*
Fine fuel filter   1  
Main loco frame fabrication   10  
Exhaust silencer   1  
Screw couplings   2  
AAT pipes   2  
Traction centres   2  
Intercoolers   2  
Drivers seats   2 *BOTH SOLD*
Second mans seats   2 *BOTH SOLD*
Head lights   2 *BOTH SOLD*
Multi working socket   2  
Multi working jumper   2  
Hydrostatic fan motors   2  
Radiator fans   2  
Radiator grilles   2  
Traction Motor blower   4  
Compressors   6  
Lube oil pump   2  
Fuel gauge   2  
Starter motors   2 *1 SOLD* *1 REMAINS*
BR cast arrows   2 *BOTH SOLD*
Nameplates   2 *BOTH SOLD*
Power controller   2  
Straight air brake valve   2  
Auto air brake valve   2  
Master controller   2  
Main brake gauge   2  
Main speedometer   2  
Slow speed speedometer   2  
Brake cylinders gauge   2  
Ammeter   2  
Water pumps   2  
Exhaust manifold   2 *1 SOLD* *1 REMAINS*
Dipsticks   2  
DSD/vigilance pedals   2  
Cab fabrications   2  
Bogie fabrications   8 *1 SOLD* *7 REMAIN*
Oleo buffers   4  
Main reservoir pipes   4  
Control air pipes   4  
Roof sections   4  
Marker lights   4  
Windscreen wipers   4  
Warning horns   4  
Windscreens   4  
Cab side windows   4  
Horn switch   4  
Horn grilles   2 *1 SOLD* *1 REMAINS*
Cab footsteps   4  
Cab doors   4  
Camshaft couplings   4  
Lifeguards   4  
Engine/bodyside doors   16 *1 SOLD* *15 REMAIN*
Electrification warning flashes   2  
Wheelsets   12  
Traction motors   6  
Traction motor reduction gearbox   6  
Camshaft sections   6  
Main bearings   7  
Sand boxes   8  
Control modules   18  
Brake blocks   24  
Axle boxes   12 *ALL SOLD*
Wheel bearings   12  
Secondary suspension springs   12  
Primary suspension springs   24  
Primary suspension dampers   24  
Cylinder heads   34 *1 SOLD* *33 REMAIN*
Cylinder head studs (1 set)   32  
Big end bearings   12  
Little end bearings   12  
Big end bolts   12  
Oil control rings   12  
Compression rings   34  
Gudgeon pins   24  
Pistons   34  
Cylinder liners   24  
Connecting rods   12  
Fuel injectors   12  
High pressure fuel pumps   12  
Batteries   24 *1 SOLD* *23 REMAIN*
Fuel cams   12  
Inlet cam   12  
Exhaust cam   12  
Crankcase doors   12  
Fuel pump covers   12  
Inlet valve   24  
Exhaust valve   24  
Push rods   24  
Tappet/cam follower   24  
Rocker arms   24  
Bridge pieces   24  
Bridge piece guides   24  
Brake cylinders   24  
Rocker covers   24  
Brake linkages   24