Urgent Appeal For C58LG Sales Officer

This is an urgent appeal for someone to take over the vacant role of the Sales Officer to help raise funds which the C58LG urgently require if we are to continue to help restore 58016 and in order to pay for her undercover storage and rent at Barrow Hill.

Previously the group has sold items like stationary, badges, computer mouse mats, desk and wall calendars, polo shirts and sweatshirts, hi-viz vests as well as a couple of DVD’s as well as back issues of our Red Diamond Magazine.

The items in our current E-shop have not sold very well as we have had a joint EBay shop with the Class 56 Group. Basically none of our items have sold over the past few months where as the Class 56 Group has around £200 in around the past six weeks.

There are only currently three items in the EBay shop. A Class 58 Badge, A back Issue of Red Diamond and also 9x copies of Modern Locomotives Illustrated Issues 175 – The Class 58’s – Feb/Mar 2009.

Although on our website we do have new E-shop where we plan to just have our Sales items and we will stop using the Class 56 Groups EBay Shop when we get a Sales Officer. In the C58LG Shop we are selling all the Back Issues of the Red Diamond Magazine, & members have a chance to order the New forthcoming release of Heljan’s OO Class 58 which is being sold exclusively by Olivia Trains, which Class 58 Group Members can purchase at a slight discount!

What the job entails?
Ordering, purchasing, storage and selling of stock to help raise much needed funds to help with the restoration of 58016 and the continued storage of her at its current location.
Helping to price, setup and staff the sales stand for any main events at Barrow Hill with the help of volunteers, and any other events which you feel would help raise plenty of funds like Diesel Galas or Model exhibitions of your choosing.
Help and/or will be available from either the Chairman, Vice Chairman or the Treasurer.

So, if you fancy helping out the Class 58 Group then please get in touch. This doesn’t have to just be a one person role, as previously Ged Jones & partner used to look after this role. So, if you wish to split the role with someone else like a friend or partner then I am sure the Group will accommodate this.

For further details please email the Chairman – paul(dot)fuller@c58lg(dot)co(dot)uk or Vice Chairman keith(dot)bulmer@c58lg(dot)co(dot)uk

**Please make sure you replace the (dot) with a full stop. This is just to help avoid spam emails**.

C58LG AGM Meeting Minutes 2014

On Saturday 3rd May at Barrow Hill the C58LG had there Annual General Meeting to discuss all things Class 58 related including 58016.
Please click on the link below to download a copy of the AGM Minutes which we believe are correct and a true record of the meeting.

Kind Regards,
The C58LG Committee.

C58LG AGM Minutes 2014

C58LG/Olivia Trains New Heljan Class 58 Models

The C58LG and Olivia’s Trains/ Heljan are pleased to announce that we will be releasing 8 brand new versions of the Heljan Class 58. These are available to buy direct from the Class 58 Locomotive Group with proceeds helping Group funds at no additional cost to yourselves! This offer is open to EVERYONE, member or non member, so please feel free to pass on copies of this form to help us raise much needed funds!

The following locomotives are being produced and will be available from early December 2014:

• 58006 in Railfreight Red Stripe
• 58012 in Mainline Grey
• 58016 in EW&S Maroon/Gold
• 58028 in Plain Triple Grey
• 58030 in EWS Maroon/Gold
• 58036 in Railfreight Red Stripe (with orange cantrail)
• 58038 in Mainline Blue
• 58045 in Railfreight Coal

Prices for the model and any additional work required are as follows:

Locomotive Prices:
£121 – Analogue.
£137 – Decoder Fitted.
£226 – Olivia’s Sound Fitted.
Additional Work Available:
£ 7 – Cab Light (Per Cab- DCC Only)
£20 – Weathering &/ or Renumber.
£ 3 – Etched Depot Plaques & Nameplates

To order your Heljan 00 Class 58 model, please head to the C58LG Shop where you can order online via PayPal.

Please Note – The C58LG are acting as agents for Olivia Trains for this offer. Olivia Trains are on the web at www.oliviatrains.com

58022 Crewe Movement

According to a report dated Wednesday 7th May on WNXX – End Of The Line Website, 58022 which was stored at Crewe Diesel Depot along with some EWS tankers, have now been relocated.

Movement Completed – 31/05/14
The movement of 58022 was delayed until the early morning of 31st May due to Transport? Issues. 58022 was held overnight in Crewe Horse Landing Sidings next to Crewe Station on the back of its trailer on May 30th until the following day before movement continued.
After arriving at Crewe International Electric Depot 58022 was offloaded and is now positioned next to class mate 58048 which is coincidentally parked in a similar position to where 58016 used to be before she was purchased by the group.
58022 has been out of traffic since June 1999 and had been a resident at Crewe Diesel since October 2001!

Pictures of the movement of 58022 are available on WNXX (End Of The Line Website), courtesy of Ian Furness.

Update 30/05/14
58022 has been loaded on to a trailer for onward movement to Crewe International Electric Depot, but currently it’s movement has been currently delayed – reasons as yet unknown!

We will try to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments as and when they happen.

Update 29/05/14
A ramp has now been setup ready to move 58022 hopefully by road tomorrow – 30/05/2014.
58022 is currently waiting for the trailer for it’s onward movement by road from Crewe Diesel to it’s expected location of Crewe Electric International Depot.
If anyone is out and about to get any pictures and if all goes will with the move. Please send them in to webmaster@c58lg.co.uk so we can add them here to the website & our new Photo Gallery which will be launched soon on Flikr.

Update 09/05/14
58022 is currently still at Crewe Diesel Depot as of last week and the lorry which appeared on-site was for the removal of a wagon. It has been suggested that 58022 ‘might’ be moved by rail to another location which is yet to be confirmed!

Class 58 Locomotive Group 2014 AGM

The 2014 AGM meeting is to be held at Barrow Hill Roundhouse on the 3rd May. The meeting will commence 11:30am-12pm(start), although anyone turning up earlier will be able to view 58016 and the rest of the roundhouse and exhibits. The meeting will conclude around 3PM. (Note 12pm & NOT 1pm start as previously mentioned)!

The Agenda will be:-
a) Open meeting
b) Apologies for absence
c) Reports from Committee members
d) Election of committee members for 2014/2015
e) Any other business.
All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. This is your chance to have your say in the running of your group. A number of subjects will be covered including the groups constitution and committee structure.
Any members unable to attend can contact myself to discuss any items they may wish to see raised for discussion during the meeting.
Similarly if any member wishes to stand for election to one of the committee posts , or can offer help in the running of the group, again please get in touch with either Keith Bulmer or the Chairman.
We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd.

The Comittee.

Email – Chairman(at)c58lg.co.uk or
Keith Bulmer(at)c58lg.co.uk
(replace the at with an @ symbol. To help prevent spam emails).

New Membership Secretary

Recently we put out an appeal for a new Membership Secretary as our previous secretary Ged Jones has stepped down from this post due to work & personal commitments. I like to wish Ged all the best & the C58LG thank Ged for all the work he has done behind the scenes over the past few years.
I would also like to welcome Adam Wallanger who has volunteered to take on the role of the Membership Secretary.

Any membership enquiries please email membership(at)c58lg.co.uk (replacing the at with the @ symbol). A new membership form has been added to the Join the C58LG Page.

New Membership Secretary Urgently Required!


We the committee urgently require a willing volunteer to take on the role of Membership Secretary which due to Work & Personal issues Ged Jones will be stepping down from this position. So, we need to fill this post ASAP, and any prospectively interested members should contact Paul Fuller, the Chairman either at Paul.fuller(at)c58lg.co.uk or chairman(at)c58lg.co.uk (replacing the at with the @ symbol).

Heljan 00 Class 58’s Coming To Olivia Trains 2014

Olivia’s Trains/ Heljan are pleased to announce that they will be releasing 8 New versions of the Class 58.

The Following will be produced:

58201 – Mainline Triple Grey – Running Number: 58012.
58211 – Railfreight Coal – Running Number: 58045.
58221 – Railfreight Redstripe – Running Number: 58006.
58231 – Railfreight Redstripe (Orange Cantrail) – Running Number: 58036.
58241 – EWS Maroon & Gold – Running Number: 58030.
58251 – Mainline Blue – Running Number: 58038.
58261 – Plain Triple Grey – Running Number – 58028.
58271 – EW&S Maroon & Gold – Running Number: 58016.

Estimated Delivery November/December 2014

Locomotive Prices:
£116 – Analogue.
£132 – Decoder Fitted.
£221 – Olivia’s Sound Fitted.
Additional Work Available:
£ 7 – Cab Light (Per Cab- DCC Only)
£20 – Weathering &/ or Renumber.
£ 3 – etched Depot Plaques & Nameplates (Where Applicable)

Register your interest now (no deposit required)- Simply Fill In The Online Form – http://www.oliviastrains.com/2014/01/23/heljan-class-58s-coming-to-olivias/

With examples on EBay going for £125 – £200 this is a welcome development considering Heljan will only produce Special or Limited Editions.

See the Oliviastrains website for pictures of the models to be release inc. 58016 in EW&S Livery as Photographs of all the other 7x Class 58’s.

Hopefully these will be successful and possibly more will be produced possibly of the foreign liveries not released e.g. Fertis, Seco, TSO, GIF & ACTS liveries but this would depend on getting significant numbers of interest from customers!

Spanish Class 58’s

Since the Spanish Class 58’s moved abroard their has been very little to report on their current situation.
They last worked around late 2012 on the Albacete – Alicante LAV, and have been stored since then.
There has been very little pictures published of their movements, just the odd article in the railway press in the past two years.

We have added a new link to our Links Page to Michael A.Wright Rail Photography Blog which has 48x recent pictures of the Spanish Class 58’s taken since they were stored.
Visit the website here Michael.A.Wright Photography

58017 Scrapping (Confirmed)

As previously mentioned, the scrapping of 58017 at Eastleigh has now been confirmed by the End Of The Line Website as of Thursday 09/01/2014. This joins 58002 and 58037 resting their weary bones in Class 58 heaven.