Project To Save MGR Hoppers For Preservation

Just to confirm that a project has been started with the aim of securing some MGR hoppers for preservation.
Given the historic links betwen class 56 and this wagon type the C56G fully supports this venture. Although we are not contributing financially we have agreed to act as a collecting point for any donations recieved.

Please see details below from WNXX FORUM :-

Hi Guys.

On the previous forum i started a thread about the locations of the remaining MGR wagons and also discussed whether any could be saved.

There has now been discussions between various interested parties including the class 56 and 58 groups who are very keen to preserve some and the owners of the various remaining examples including DB Schenker and others. Though talks with DB are in the early stages they have proved so far fairly positive. A scrapyard which also owns several has indicated it would be happy to sell them and quoted us a price. However the dealer in question has put a time limit on which to show genuine interest. A home has been tentatively found for them so so far it is looking fairly promising.

BUT, there is always a but it is now the time for anyone who wants to see any of these wagons saved to get their hands in their pockets. I know people are bing squeezed financially but this really is the last chance saloon for these iconic wagons which once numbered over 10,000. There are now only a handful left and time really isn’t on our or the wagons side so whilst discussions are ongoing time is against us. If all the members of the previous incarnation of wnxx gave 2 quid each we’d have 10 grand is one way of looking at it which would be enough to buy and transport 2-3 of these wagons. Ok not enough for a full rake but enough to look good if put together with the other preserved examples for a photocharter behind a 58/56/37/2 x 20’s.

My own personal opinion is what is the point of preserving all these locos if we have nothing realistic to run behind them.

We have a couple of weeks to gauge interest in trying to preserve some examples of MGR wagons so need to hear from people ASAP. If anyone is interested in getting involved can they leave a message on here or if they want to make a donation could they PM me please.

One last request can members on here please keep us updated on any developments regarding MGR’s or their locations that they become aware of whilst out and about.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks


If you want to donate or get involved you can contact Rich via the WNXX site . The link is “″ or just go on WNXXFORUM.CO.UK (that isn’t the subscription area by the way) and type MGR into the search function.

or send a cheque (marked MGR APPEAL) to

Class 56 Group (MGR)

or pay via paypal at kbulmer(at) (with the (at) replaced by @ )

Keith (C58LG Vice Chairman)